Comparator Q&A

What is Ieris?

Ieris is a search engine that allows you to find any product at the best price . Ieris has a catalog of millions of products that grows every day, allowing you to buy any type of product.

What kind of products can I find in the comparator?

Ieris offers you a wide catalog of physical products . You can compare prices on clothing, motor goods, DIY, personal care, sporting goods, electronics, computers, home products, industrial goods and much more

How does Ieris find offers?

Ieris has agreements with many stores which allows you to display your product offers in our catalogue. Likewise, our website has an agreement with the ConsumerStore comparator, which allows us to expand our product catalogue.

How does Ieris order the stores?

Ieris groups the products and shows you the offers of all stores organized by product . This allows for multiple purchase options for a specific item. Ieris prioritizes the stores with which there are promotion agreements in the first place, always showing the best option as highlighted and the other options as optional.

Ieris - Price comparison

Ieris is a search -based price comparator , it allows you to find products that match the search made.

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